Bathroom Remodeling Austin

We offer a full range of high quality bathroom remodeling services throughout the greater Austin area.

Bathroom Remodels are one of the Most Time Sensitive Projects

Bathroom remodels are one of the most popular, but also time critical home improvement projects to do. If you are remodeling a master bath or you only have one bathroom, you need to get it done as quickly as possible.

Work with a Project Management Expert

Rick Lazarus brings his years of high tech ‘clean  room’ project management and graduate training to help Austin homeowenrers have smooth pain free home renovations; including bathroom remodeling services.

He knows what it takes to get things done right. Our contacts and resources as well as advanced Project Management expertise make sure things go smoothly as possible for you. 

Get a Clear Plan of Action 

We’ll help you generate a clear plan for your new bathroom and choose the right materials. Let us help you  create the bathroom  you want at a good price.

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Get Inspired with Bathroom Remodeling Ideas from Lazarus Remodel jobs.

wallpaper in bathroom
bathtub shower tile surround
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