Drywall Repair Austin

Drywall Repair in Austin and suburbs

We provide drywall repair throughout the Austin area. Our work includes new installation of sheetrock,  as well as drywall patches,  rework and textured finishes. 

As one of our many services and scopes of construction remodel work,  our talented drywall installation and repairs  crew performs new drywall installation on newly framed walls and ceilings and also replacement of demolished or damaged walls and ceilings. We also do professional water damage drywall repair. 
We do drywall repairs and patches on damaged walls and holes to flood repairs from plumbing, air conditioning mishaps and roofing leaks. We have full range of talented craftsmen who not only replace damaged drywall,  but also base trim, and flooring after water remediation services as well from accidental floods.
Lazarus Remodel crews install drywall and then tape, bed and float out walls for even finishes. We texture all walls and ceilings to match existing finishes or a client’s newly desired texture or sand to a smooth finish.  
Water damage from a roof leak

Ceiling Popcorn Removal

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