Are you looking for a beautiful new fireplace to bring a warm new accent to your home? Or do you want to repair or upgrade your existing fireplace? At Lazarus Remodel, we have skilled and caring masons who can build or repair exactly what you want. 

Latest surveys show that in homes $150,000 or less,  only about 7% now have fireplaces. On the other hand, 61% of homes over $500,000 have a fireplace in at least one room. The top reason why most homeowners install a fireplace is to heat up a home during winter. A fireplace can help cut down on your electric bill. The warmth of a fireplace can be a cheerful gathering point for the whole family. It can also be a romantic setting for couples who want to spend quality time indoors. While fireplaces are not the selling point of a home as much as used to be over the last several decades, they can be an attractive feature that can be personalized to any home style. You can express your artistic flair. 

Fireplace remodels have become a blank canvas for incredible new design features and fantastic personal touches in any home. 

Lazarus Remodel has added fireplaces to blank walls and refaced every sort of fireplace. We’ve turned old dull looking fireplaces into warm beautiful home features and stunning artistic focuses for a room. 

We  have changed a simple gas panel into a warm brick wall; an old painted brick fireplace into a stacked stone beauty. And and old ugly brick fireplace into a stucco masterpiece. As well as a simple builder limestone surround and classic mantle into a 2-story fairytale draped wit 2-foot by 4-foot tiles to a height of just over 18 feet.

Allow us to make your fireplace dreams come true. And help you turn your neglected fireplace into a stunning feature of your home. 

Let’s design together……

Pedigree Drive fireplace before
Pedigree Drive fireplace after
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