Hardwood Flooring in Austin

Hardwood Flooring Installation & Refinishing

Lazarus Remodel offers luxury hardwood installation and refinishing for Austin and surrounding communities from Kyle to Georgetown and Round Rock.

New Hardwood Floor Installation

If you’re spending the extra money on hardwood flooring, you want to be sure you get the highest quality wood flooring, wood floor installation and staining available. 

Our clients love our work. And we take care of you through the whole process. Advising you on the best choices to meet your needs. We coordinate the scheduling so you have a dlear hassle free communication and a smooth stress free experience through the whole process. 

Existing Hardwood Floor Refinishing 

When you’re looking for existing hardwood floor refinishing, you want to make sure you get the highest quality workmanship. Our hardwood floor refinishers are the best in Ausitn. And we take care of you by showing you examples of how dirrerent color stains will look. 

After we sand your floors, we do 3 or 4 stain samples side by side about 2 foot square so you can see what each color looks like in different light. Daytime and night time. That gives you the finished result you will love to live with. 

hardwood floors Austin

Herringbone Hardwood Floor

We offer herringbone harwood floor instalaltion as well a chevron and other flooring patterns. 

Herringbone solid hardwood flooring installation

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Near You

We serve the entire Austin area with the best hardwood floor refinishing. Our skilled and caring craftsmen seall off the are to be sanded with plastic to protctt your house from dust.

And clean up thoroughly at the end of each cay.

They make sure to create the exact stain and finish you’re looking for. If you’re undecided about the eact color stain you want, we do serveral patches of different stain colors so you can choose your favorite. The end result is a brand new looking finished wood floor exactly the way you want it. 

Oak Floor Sanding in Progress
Hardwood Stain Samples
Hallway Floor Being Sanded
hardwood flooring staining and sealng
Hallway Floor Stained and Sealed
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