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Did you recently buy a house in Austin Texas? Get a clear picture of what home renovation and repairs your new house needs. Save money and make sure you get things done right.

With the continued high demand for housing in Austin from people moving here from other states, more people are buying older existing homes with the intention to renovate to their taste, style and needs. If you are planning to or have recently bought a house in Austin Texas, there’s a good chance that it needs some repairs and improvements. The demand for housing currently in Austin is so great that people are even buying houses from out of town based solely on looking at photos online. These buyers have not even seen the house until after they have bought it.

Rick Lazarus was looking at a house recently purchased by a couple who just moved from San Francisco. There were serious problems with the roof and the foundation that the home inspector was unable to discover from a simple overall home inspection. The inspector noted what he saw and stated that these items should be checked out further by an expert. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy their house they had to spend tens of thousands of dollars more to repair it safely and properly before they can really live in it with peace of mind.

Lazarus Remodel has years of experience remodeling houses in Austin and working with new homeowners to repair problems not taken care of by the sellers. With the increased competition in a seller’s market, more homes are being purchased without negotiating outstanding repairs and fixes reported on inspection reports. Find out what your house really needs so you can live in it safely, comfortably and securely. 

Rick Lazarus has been through hundreds of inspection reports and can work with you to review your inspection report to help identify more critical items in need of repairs for family safety and the long-term protection of the home. He can help distinguish between these items and more superficial items that can be taken care of at any time. He can help buyers coordinate and manage specific trades to investigate properties more in depth as needed. Hire Rick as your consultant and gain peace of mind for your purchase and relieve yourself of the headache of contacting unknown specialty contractors on your own while trying to meet a closing deadline or move-in date.

Fill out the contact form and send it to us today. Get really clear about what your house needs, how much you need to spend and what’s essential to make it livable and safe. Our consulting fee ranges from $250 to $500 depending on the size of the house and the number of issues that need to be addressed.

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