How Long Does a Bathroom Remodel Take?

Estimating how long a bathroom remodel will take can be maddening and prone to error. No other remodel is as critical since most homeowners find it essential to have their bathroom up and functioning as soon as possible. Even if you have two full bathrooms, when one is out of commission, especially a master bath, it can be annoying. If you have children, it’s a major inconvenience.

Factors that Affect Remodel Time

Few remodeling projects in today’s challenging market, including bathroom remodels,  go exactly as planned. These days with materials shortages and delays due to Covid, shipping and employment shortages, various factors can play havoc even with the best-scheduled job.

To get a clear idea of how long your bathroom remodel will take, first you must look at the scope of the job.

Are you doing a surface cosmetic remodel? Or are you stripping the whole room down to the studs? Your bathroom remodel can take just a few days or a couple months depending on how much work you’re doing, especially if there are delays in materials arriving from Europe, Asia or even across the United States. Manufacturing has been slowed by Covid in many places. Other factors like timing and availability of workers can greatly impact scheduling. If you’re doing the work yourself, it could take a lot longer.


Should You DIY or Manage Your Remodel By Yourself?

It may seem like you could save a lot of money with DIY – doing the job yourself. But if you have a full-time job, it could get very tiring and stressful. If you have a full-time job, working at night and on weekends can soon become exhausting. Unless you have enormous amounts of energy, your bathroom remodel could drag the job out for weeks, even months.

Managing your remodel by yourself can also cause delays and get tiresome, especially if you don’t have a trusted crew of workers who are well coordinated with each other. Be prepared to spend a lot of time on the phone and meeting workers and subcontractors while paying full retail prices as well.

In Austin, TX where quality of contractors and abundance of workers has been tremendously reduced compared to market demand, you better find a quality referred contractor that has contacts and experience to complete your bathroom I a timely fashion.

The Advantages of Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

The major benefit a good remodeling contractor can provide is a smooth well-run remodeling experience. They have the expert experience to advise you about the best materials and design to use based on your dreams and preferences. They communicate well and regularly to keep you up to date and help reduce the stress of remodeling.

Top-notch bathroom remodelers have a full crew of expert trusted plumbers, electricians, tile installers and carpenters. Hiring a high-quality, experienced remodeling contractor can save you a lot of headaches. They will schedule the right people to get the job done right at the right time.

In other words, a bathroom remodeling contractor will take the weight off your shoulders. You can relax and get on with your life and work as undisturbed as possible during your bathroom remodel. As a cold call client trying to manage different trades on your own can put you at the bottom of the scheduling priority. That is probably the toughest thing to get through to customers wanting a new bathroom and trying to be their own project manager.

Specialty crews have no allegiance to a cold call customer when they have contractors that feed them all year long. You will typically get scheduled further down their list as a non-priority, and in this market, expect your quote to be higher. Know this, specialty subcontractor such as a plumber, electrician, and tile installer, etc will give preferred pricing and scheduling to the remodeler that keeps them busy throughout the year. The quality remodeler can pass those savings on to the customer and speed up scheduling. Trust me when I say you will get neither on your own, so do not outsmart yourself.

A good bathroom remodeling contractor can also give you invaluable advice when it comes to selecting the right materials and putting them together to get a satisfying finished bathroom remodel. They know availability of specific materials and which ones have been getting the best feedback or not on both looks and quality, but also serviceability and resale.

How Long Does the Average Bathroom Remodel Take?

How long an average bathroom remodel takes depends on how well the job is managed. Homeowners often find that doing all the work themselves and squeezing in the time from work can drag out for months and months. Hiring a professional full-service remodeling company can be the cheapest and fastest way to go. A good contractor nowadays will be busy with several projects. They will be juggling your job with other jobs. A top-notch contractor will make sure that all his clients’ jobs move forward as smoothly and quickly as possible.

All things considered, the average full bathroom remodel can be done in about 25 days on average, if everything goes according to plan. That is assuming no time working on weekends (which can also happen depending on your choice of remodeler). This translates to 3 to 5 weeks If everything proceeds smoothly without a break and materials are purchased beforehand. In reality, unexpected delays especially with specialty item purchases, can often arise, in which case it could take as much as two or three months. Best said, be prepared for the unexpected and be patient and you will get the bathroom you envision.

The Advantages of Hiring Lazarus Remodel 

Lazarus Remodel owner Rick Lazarus has a vast amount of experience in remodeling. He has hands-on experience and carries a master’s degree in project management that helps provide customers with a smooth-running project.  He worked in the corporate world building clean rooms around the world for industry leading computer chip, computer and phone manufacturers and understands the concept of working clean, being organized and providing detailed scopes and estimate numbers.

 Beyond that he has many years of home remodeling experience to help ease your burden and take the stress off you and your family during any home remodel project. Know that you will be in good hands and your bathroom remodel will run as smoothly as possible.  Do not get in a rush to spend your money and get taken by a poor contractor with poor results or con artists taking your money in this market. Our 5-star reviews attest to that we are worth the wait.

In conclusion, a rough estimate for how long a bathroom remodel should take – we find that on average a full bathroom remodel takes about 25 days, not including weekends.

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