We provide a full range of home remodeling services throughout the  greater Austin metro area. Here is what our happy customers are saying about our skilled and friendly workers, our professional project management and the affordability of our prices. 

“My wife and I recently purchased a home in Covered Bridge and wanted to do some major remodeling downstairs before moving in. I got recommended to work with Rick and his team from Lazarus Remodel. I have to say they didn’t disappoint. I’ve worked with plenty of contractors in the past (purchased a home in Arizona a few years back), but him and his crew outshined the rest – just top notch and a joy to work with. 

Some things that jumped out to me…

Rick and his team made themselves available at all times. When I had questions or if I changed my mind on a part of the project, they stopped what they were doing, listened and then provided their expertise on the subject. Not just Rick, but everyone who worked on the house from lighting to painting to plumbing to flooring. 

>They were clean. At the end of every work day, they cleaned up everything and made it safe to roam around the house. It never really felt like there was a large project happening. 

>Their prices were by far the most affordable and the work was stellar. Really hard to find that combo of more than fair pricing and excellent craftsmanship, but it was the case. Their attitudes.

>All of them carried themselves like gentlemen. Whether it was in front of my wife, my kid, my family, you name it. They were all respectful whenever we were around. I was very grateful for that, even when it must have been hard after putting in long hours on a daily basis.

>Lastly, Rick always checked in with me – constantly – to make sure I was satisfied as the project rolled on. He made sure that things look the way I wanted. Never once tried to upsell me on anything. He offered his advice, expertise and actually talked me down plenty of times when my eyes got too big. 

All in all, it is very easy for me to recommend Rick and his team at Lazarus Remodel to any of my family and friends or even fellow Austinities that are looking for some honest feedback from a recent patron.”

Ryan and Laura
Roaring Spring Drive, Austin


“I had the good fortune of hiring Rick Lazarus as my contractor. I needed to remodel my late mom’s house in order to sell, and he did not disappoint. I turned it all over to him and I was so pleased. Trust him, he’ll make you glad you did.”
 – Kathie Burnett

 Whole Home Remodel
Greenheart Drive  Austin

“Rick managed our home remodel last year which involved major updates in flooring, kitchen and bathrooms He was patient to understand our dream home  design goals and always available to help us find exactly what we wanted in fixtures, flooring, paint and countertop ideas. 

Rick has an awesome team  of skilled  craftsmen that  he’s gathered over the years and holds  them to do only excellent  work on each job. Costs were kept  at a minimum and yet we got exactly what  we wanted.  We love our awesome scandimodern home.”
 – Anne Wolfe

Kitchen, bath, flooring remodel
Hazeltine Drive, Lakeway TX 

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