Tile Installation and Repair

Tile Installation and Repair

Our tile installation and repair is top notch. And we cover all your needs. Tile  is  often associated  with  flooring, but  here  we’d like to talk about how tile can accent your life in your  bathroom, your kitchen and your 

How to select the best tiles for your home

Tile is not just for floors. It goes on kitchen backsplashes,  shower stalls and decorative  squares.  But  what kind of tile to chooose? What style and pattern and thickness? So you want to be a maestro, a Picasso of your home? Picasso decorated ceramics and you in your way can be the tile Picasso for your home. Here’s how. 

Go to a tile shop, look at travel photos of tile  on Instagram  or Pinterest, 

Bathroom with three types of tile
wavy shower tile with recessed shelves
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